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Water Quality and Measurement Specialist

Luode is an independent expert in water quality, quantity and management.

We specialise in water modelling services and physical and chemical measurements under demanding conditions.


Our field of expertise includes all water-related measurements at sea, in inland waters and in the process industry. The starting point is to solve customer’s problems in a flexible and cost-effective way.

We have one of the largest and most versatile array of instruments in the Nordic countries. Since the company was founded in 2003, we have completed over 900 customer projects.

Our personel consists of experts in water resources and measurement technologies. We operate mainly in Finland and Sweden but we also do project work at customer sites globally.

Luode’s expertise and more than 20 years of experience in continuous measurements and modelling ensure reliable and high-quality results. We have an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

We also help customers with the placement, installation and data interpretation of measuring stations. If required, we will take care of the entire measurement chain, including maintenance and installation.


Expert Services

We provide expert services for water-related measurement and modelling projects.

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Measurement Services

Physical and chemical measurements of water quality is our speciality.

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Aquatic modelling services with 20 years of experience.

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Instrument Sales

Luode manufactures and sells water quality, flow and surface level measuring stations using only the best available sensors.


We offer measurement systems for:

Environmental measurements, both in fresh and marine water.

Domestic water, from raw water to waterworks and water supply networks.

Industrial needs, from raw water to various process industry applications.


The Luode Dataservice includes quality control of measurement data and equipment every day of the year.

In addition to data transmission and monitoring of station operation, our data service includes customer service and operational support for measurements, calibration of measurement parameters and implementation of computational variables. The data service is accessed via the website.

Our on-call staff detect anomalies and equipment malfunctions quickly, often allowing the necessary corrective action to be taken on the same day.



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