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Industry and Energy Sector

Luode designs and implements environmental studies and modelling services for projects in the energy sector and industry.

We also provide a wide range of measurement, sampling and sounding services related to underwater noise, sediments and benthic fauna.

We are one of Finland’s most experienced consultancies in water-related infrastructure projects.

Our expertise includes background measurement, sounding and modelling for offshore wind, hydropower and nuclear power projects. Our measurement equipment is suitable for demanding applications such as determining the water resources of hydroelectric power plants, calibration measurements of power plants and dams. We also carry out river and stream surveys and cooling water measurements using the best methods in the industry.

Projects in the energy sector and industry almost always consist of both measurement and modelling. Luode’s expertise and extensive range of measurement equipment allow both sub-sets to be carried out by a single operator, enabling seamless project delivery. Our aim is to find the best technical and environmental solutions for the client and to anticipate potential risk factors.

Please also take a look at our modelling services.