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Community Planning

Luode has carried out dozens of measurements of stormwater quantity and quality under challenging conditions. Baseline and calibration measurements are available for drainage and stormwater network modelling.

We provide measurement services for the water supply sector for both wastewater discharges and the localization of various waterborne contaminants.

Urban planning

We carry out 2D and 3D flow modelling of watercourses for urban planners in connection with the assessment of the hydrological impact of various land use, riverbank construction, bridges and floating structures.

Water sector

In the drinking water sector, our services cover the design and implementation of metering systems for raw water abstraction and the safeguarding of water quality in the network from the water utility to the consumer. We assist in the selection of raw water intake points and the instrumentation of raw water intake points for chemical spills, oil, blue-green algae, etc. We have pioneered the design and implementation of early warning stations in the water supply sector in Stockholm, Helsinki and Turku. In many cases, exceptional events related to raw water quality can be prepared for before they enter the process. In this way, the disruption can be minimised in time and impact or, in the best case, prevented altogether.

Early warning systems and emission control

Monitoring systems for water projects allow for real-time monitoring of the impact of the works and, if necessary, immediate action to be taken. Once damage to a watercourse or water body has occurred, Luode’s services can be used to outline the extent of the damage, trace the origin and spread of the disturbance and monitor the progress of the response.