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Measurement Services

Water quality and nutrient measurements are our main services.

We offer water-related measurements for marine, inland waters and process industries with more than 20 years of experience. We have an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

Our personnel consists of experts in water resources and measurement technologies. We have one of the largest and most versatile array of instruments in the Nordic countries.

Water quality and nutrient load

In addition to traditional turbidity, conductivity, oxygen and pH measurements, we offer continuous water quality and load monitoring for nitrate, organic matter, hydrocarbons, etc. In addition, we offer measurement services for soluble phosphate and metals, as well as bacterial contamination detection.

Current and flow measurements

We carry out measurements of current and flow conditions on a wide range, from the smallest channels and water networks, to studies of the current profile of the entire aquifer of large marine areas. Measurement options are also available for challenging conditions.

Depth and structural soundings

We carry out depth soundings with our own versatile equipment from 0.5 m depth up to 200 m using a method best suitable for the site. In addition to traditional depth soundings, our sounding services include sediment soundings, seismic soundings and structural soundings.

Underwater noise measurements

Luode performs underwater noise measurements for the marine industry, infrastructure projects, harbours and research purposes. We have a wide range of underwater noise measurement equipment at our disposal. Our services also include underwater noise modelling and impact assessments.

Sediment sampling and studies

Luode carries out sediment contaminant measurements at both freshwater and marine sites. Luode’s sediment sampling services include sampling programmes, site selection, sampling and reporting to the client and authorities.

Wave, level, vibration and weather measurements

Luode also implements various wave and water level measurements. We provide also structural vibration measurements, airborne noise measurements and weather measurements.

On-line monitoring systems

Luode implements various monitoring systems for hydro-construction projects, enabling real-time monitoring of environmental damage caused by construction works and rapid response to minimise the impact of construction.


Expert Services

We provide expert services for water-related measurement and modelling projects.

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Measurement Services

Physical and chemical measurements of water quality is our speciality.

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Aquatic modelling services with 20 years of experience.

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