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Discharge and Load Modelling

Typical uses of emission and load modeling are industries or simulations of the spread of municipal wastewater and cooling water, and investigations of the spread of the load during water construction work. The evaluation of effects on the state of the water body receiving the load can then be made.

Modeling is the only way to assess the environmental effects of projects before they are started. Modeling can be used to evaluate the effects of different loads and alternative discharge points on the water quality of the water body. By comparing the results modeled with different load and discharge point options, it is possible to see the differences in the strength and extent of the effect on the water body receiving the load. This makes it possible to find a cost-effective solution that has the least impact on the state of the water body already in the planning phase of the project.


The ability of the modeling method to reliably simulate naturally occurring water quality conditions is verified by comparing the modeled results against the measurement results of the target area.