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Underwater Noise

The need for underwater noise measurements has increased significantly. Underwater noise is harmful to both marine mammals and fish. It is important to consider the noise impact of water-based construction, including offshore wind farm projects, at the permitting stage.

Underwater noise has also become an increasingly important part of the environmental performance of ships. Bureau Veritas has certified our underwater noise measurement for ships.

Underwater noise measurements are carried out during munitions clearance, pile driving and underwater blasting. Noise emission studies of shipping traffic and noise measurements for environmental status reports are carried out as well.

Luode’s noise measurements for the shipping industry have been certified by Bureau Veritas, which allows us to perform underwater noise classification measurements for ships and shipyards.

Our underwater noise instrument selection is very extensive and we can carry out measurements of entire offshore wind farms with our own equipment over a wide frequency range. Our services also include underwater noise modelling and impact assessments.

Read more about our modelling services.

- Bureau Veritas has certified our underwater noise classification measurement of ships.